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I am Eduardo Scaramuzza, a Brazilian artist based in Norway. I am a composer, performer, photographer and cultural worker. 

My background stems from Afro Brazilian culture but also has been influenced by a huge variety of genres. The diversity of instruments, sound objects (daily objects) and digital instruments I research are part of a toolbox. I see this box as a collection of ideas, textures, sounds and sensations that supports my expression and creating process. A project that illustrates that research is the Orquestra de Objetos Desinventados, which I was part of before moving to Norway in 2018. The group aims to find daily objects, odd combinations of unfamiliar instruments and create new music. The playfulness of exploring a daily object as a possible sound maker and the excitement of grabbing a new musical instrument for the first time are the reasons I keep searching for more tools.

My artistic research is a mixture of expanding my toolbox and going in-depth on the themes I want to showcase. How can I use a daily object to compose music? How to collaborate with artists from other fields? How to develop a community that supports and inspires each other? 

My work is highly influenced by the fact that I am a neurodiverse artist, which has impacted many of my choices in life. My synapses freely take a different patch than a neurotypical brain, before they arrive at the intended spot. In my artistic practice, there are many discoveries, details, new possibilities, and connections that I will delve into before I arrive at the finished product. I like to see it as a trigger for my creativity.  

Another driver of my motivation is community building, relationships and collaborations. I am one of the founders of KRA - Kunst Rom Arbeid, a co-working space for establishing artists. This exemplifies the urge to work together, get inspired by other artists and have a safe place to work daily. Furthermore, I aim to portray and investigate through my art: neurodiversity, immigration and multidisciplinarity. 





Verven 24A, Stavanger - Norway

phone: +47 940 97 313

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