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An "estuary" is where a river and the sea converge, creating a distinctive ecosystem for flora and fauna that have adapted to both freshwater and saltwater environments. Inspired by this term and their travels around the world, researching and performing folk music, Eduardo Scaramuzza founded the Estuary Ensemble. The group, consisting of accomplished musicians from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds, is dedicated to celebrating diversity with a unique and new repertoire that fuses folk, jazz, and world music.

For the Premiere Concert, We invited three special guests to join us and celebrate with us. We will have Larissa Tereščenko (Serbia) , Carlos Sanchez (Spain) and Zack Bresler (USA).

Estuary Ensemble is formed by:

* Flute: Laura Lovišková (Slovakia)

* Oud: Cecilia Tornesello (Argentina)

* Piano: Mari Singstad (Norway)

* Percussion: Calú Carlos (Mozambique)

* Drums: Xander Crook (USA)

* Double Bass: Alf Høines (Norway)

* Composition/arrangements & Project Leader: Eduardo Scaramuzza (Brazil)

The project led by Scaramuzza had the composition period supported by Stavanger Kommunne through the Diversestipend 2022 and the arrangement time supported by the NOPA residence program in Lithuania 2024. The premier on June 15th, 2024, and the first Tour (to be announced) are supported by Tou, Kulturrådet, Stavanger Kommune, and Norsk Jazz Forum.  

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