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Estuary Ensemble is a music group formed by:

* Composition and Project Leader: Eduardo Scaramuzza (Brazil)

* Violin and Vocals: Yeisy Rojas (Cuba)

* Oud and Vocals: Nawar Alnaddaf (Syria)

* Guitar and Vocals: Priscila Serrano (Mexico)

* Percussion and Vocals: Carlos Calú (Mozambique)

* Drums: Xander Crook (USA)

* Double Bass: Alf Høines (Norway)

"Estuary" is the term used for the meeting point between a river and the sea. This meeting point and the surroundings are naturally a home for unique plants and animal communities that have adapted to the two types of water. The project will celebrate and share stories from performers who have immigrated to Norway and found different ways to make a living from music here. The repertoire also invites the audience on a journey: to experience personal stories and, at the same time, celebrate our cultural diversity and the hope for a better future.
The ensemble wants to achieve a powerful and diverse repertoire, as well as promote minority artists, who often have to fight extra hard to find their place in the cultural sector in Norway.

The project led by Scaramuzza had the composition period supported by Stavanger Kommunne through the Diversestipend 2022 and the arrangement time by NOPA residence program in Lithuania 2024. The premier on the 15th of June 2024 and the first Tour (to be announced) is supported by Tou, Kulturrådet, Stavanger Kommune and Norsk Jazz Forum.  

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