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The duet emerged thanks to the encounter of two musicians, Otis Selimane Remane (Mozambique) and Eduardo Scaramuzza (Brazil). This joint is a result of an interchange made by Eduardo to Africa, on which he gathered experiences that dialogues with African and Afro-Brazilian culture.

Baptized as "Mbirofonia Duo", the project is born in the middle of September 2016 and had its first concert right after in October of the same year.

It's a highly conceptual project that seeks to reaffirm the relations between Brazil and Mozambique as a unified culture and get people to know sounds from other parts of the world, southern Africa in particular. With a vast repertoire that goes from folk Mozambican, Zimbabwe and Malawi, Brazilian Capoeira and some popular songs, Mbirofonia characterizes itself as a group that's always reinventing and adapting songs and rhythms in an innovative way, not displaced from its origin.

In 2018, had a tour named Rasto where they performed more than 10 concerts in 5 countries. 

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