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The trio composed of Eduardo Scaramuzza, Mazlum Karataş and Shble Saleem is an unconventional and exciting meeting between three musicians from Brazil, Syria, and Kurdistan. The musicians met and played together thanks to Global Folk Sessions organized by Samspill International Music Network.

For 2022, the trio decided to work on a concert for children to share their traditional music and stories. Besides that, they want to compose music together, mixing their music styles and working on arrangements from songs written by each integrant of the group. 

The audience can expect a sound journey through Brazilian grooves, Kurdish ornaments, and Syrian melodies. The concert aims to bring a small taste of different backgrounds and the power of new music inspired by improvisation, soundscape, odd rhythmic signatures and Maqam music.

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"Pitaia" composed by Eduardo Scaramuzza

Video and audio by Eduardo Scaramuzza

at KRA - Kunst Rom Arbeid

Teșî had the opportunity to perform and work:

March 2023 - Conference at UiT, in Tromsø

October 2022 - The Garden, in Stavanger

August 2022 - Backbeat, in Tromsø

August 2022 - Tromsø Musikkfest, in Tromsø

May 2022 - Sunday World at Café Sør, in Oslo

May 2022 - Vokstidsskrift Release event at Khartoum Cac, in Oslo. 

April 2022 - Production period and progress showing at KRA - Kunst Rom Arbeid, in Stavanger.

March 2022 - Production period supported by Samspill International Music Network and Riksscenen, having Javid Afsari Rad as a mentor in Oslo.

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