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Photography & Video

I started photographing in 2016 inspired by my younger brother Artur Scaramuzza, who also works as a professional photographer. He encouraged me to buy my first camera to register my artistic work and research in Malawi. From that time I made my first photo exhibition "Coração Quente da África" (2016) and started to focus on photography for artists and performers. 



Knnited Stories

Photo and video from the project "Knnited Stories" by Sarka Benedova and Ingvild Maria Thingnes.

Beretninger om berøring

Photography and video from Beretninger om berøring. A project by Live Skullerud.

Beretninger om berøring_photography_by__eduscaramuzza-07.jpg

Passing Portrait

Photo and video from the dance project by Vilar Irtun Moe.


Photography from Psyche. A project by Hagit Yakira.

summerfugl_i_magen_by__eduscaramuzza 5.jpg

Sommerfugl i magen

Photo and video from the dance project by Victoria Jane Harley, Marte Hagland and music by Odin Staveland.


Photography and video from LAND. A project by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, co-produced by Moster 2024.

Natural_KEYSTONE_RÖS _photo by _eduscaramuzza and _arturscaramuzza-61.jpg


Photo and video from the dance project led by the Swedish choreographer Maja Freiberg. 

Snow White

Photos from the film production "snow white" in collaboration with Urban Hands and Black Teal Studios.
Direction by Priscila Serrano


- So, I'm here

Photo and video of the production "So, I'm here" led by the choreographer Ingvild Thingnes.

Her & Nå

Photo and video from the dance performance by Driv Dansekollektiv.


Jafs live at Roseslottet

Live music video and photography from Jafs concert's at Roseslottet.


Video capture and edit of the performance "KLUMP" by Maja Freiberg,  Rakel Øfsti Nesje and Fredrik Lade.

KLUMP - Long teaser.00_02_31_19_edited.jpg

Slik som jeg ser det

Photo documentation for Hanne Jensen's pre-project "Slik som jeg ser det." 

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